I only want and can we get an evaluation? Most insurance companies require an initial appointment in order to get authorization and to determine whether testing and the type of testing is needed. Therefore an initial appointment is typically necessary.

My parents are aging and I don’t know if they can live alone and manage their finances? The diagnosis of dementia in its early stages is often detected via neuropsychological evaluation. Early intervention offers a better prognostic picture.

By going to a psychologist, does it mean that I am crazy? Psychologists provide treatment and support for a host of problems ranging from life situations to various pathology. Often getting the support needed can provide considerable relief and place an individual on the path of a more adaptive functioning that frequently impacts life situations, life choices, and content.

I am already ashamed of my problem, why make it worse by sharing my personal situation with a stranger? Sometimes talking to a person you do not know and do not see in your everyday environment may allow the level of honesty needed without fear of reprisal or further shame. Comfort and the sense of collaboration are central to the therapeutic healing process.